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the_thinker The Runes > trust

Oh great Magic 8 Ball, regal me with wisdom above the Rune’s … HA!

TrustThis is a Rune of restoration. It calls for the rebuilding of belief in yourself, in your life and, if you have fallen away, in your relationship with the Devine.

It has been said that faith is not belief without proof, but rather Trust without reservation, and that Trust, when cared for and resected, encourages the self to blossom. Trust is divine medicine.

For some, drawing this Rune asks you to show Trust in a present situation. For others, it calls for embracing the changes you are facing with Trust and Wisdom.

Each time you face the issues of trust you are being asked to grow.


the_thinker Shoulder first

I don’t know. Wrestlemania. Seems like it wants to go on forever. I’m sitting here “watching” Wrestlemania whatever and I swear, the number of “shoulder first into the ring post” is higher then normal.

I know it’s not a conspiracy, but sometimes … I wonder if I’m the only person who notices that????

If you can, from time to time, open your ears to listen to what is being said rather then what you are expected to feel, you find a level of reverb. I can’t describe it, you know it or not.

the_thinker circularity (maybe part 2)

Logic. of or relating to reasoning in which the conclusion is ostensibly proved, but in actuality it or its equivalent has been assumed as a premise

the_thinker The Best You?

This will seem off-kilter perhaps. Maybe or not. Can you look at yourself and say that you are in fact, the best version of you based on multiple universe (multiverse) theory? Wikipedia says this about it :

The multiverse (or meta-universe) is a hypothetical set of various possible universes including the universe which we live in. Together, these universes comprise everything that exists: the entirety of space, time, matter, energy and the physical laws and constants that describe them.

I don’t know that I can go on a diatribe here. I mean, I can … Does that make me the best version of me? What are the things that can quantify you as the best version of you? I’ve listed tons and tons more and yet even more tons of things that I try to do, values that I hold in my core, as to make myself a better Man.

We live each day with the chance to be the best version of ourselves. Nah, we get the opportunity, a gift or blessing, to be better today so we can be better tomorrow.

Can you be a better Man? Do you even want to be? Make a choice on who you want to be, and then act accordingly. Or at the very least, read the links above and give yourself a head start on tomorrow.

the_thinker Alien Nation

noun [ U ] UK ​ /ˌeɪ.li.əˈneɪ.ʃən/ US ​ /ˌeɪ.li.əˈneɪ.ʃən/

the feeling that you have no connection with the people around you:
Depressed people frequently feel a sense of alienation from those around them.

the_thinker lunacy

[21:38, 12/9/2017] TheThinker: I’m glad we watched that (movie) last night
[21:38, 12/9/2017] PERSON_X: Me too!
[21:39, 12/9/2017] TheThinker: I don’t think I’ve done that before
[21:40, 12/9/2017] PERSON_X: I liked it
[21:40, 12/9/2017] TheThinker: so I wasn’t your first? ?
[21:40, 12/9/2017] TheThinker: ?
[21:40, 12/9/2017] TheThinker: ?
[21:40, 12/9/2017] TheThinker: ?? I’m such a dork
[21:41, 12/9/2017] TheThinker: *sometimes
[21:42, 12/9/2017] PERSON_X: Hahahaha
[21:42, 12/9/2017] PERSON_X: Yes, you were my first
[21:45, 12/9/2017] TheThinker: I think I’m too high now
[21:45, 12/9/2017] TheThinker: not toooo high, just high too much
[21:45, 12/9/2017] PERSON_X: ?
[21:45, 12/9/2017] PERSON_X: Lol
[21:45, 12/9/2017] TheThinker: what?
[21:45, 12/9/2017] PERSON_X: I know what you mean
[21:45, 12/9/2017] TheThinker: I think that’s a great summation
[21:46, 12/9/2017] PERSON_X: It was just funny how you said it

the_thinker slings

Double standards exist because people believe they can get what they want out of a situation rather then being responsible for their own actions.

As long as there has been society, we have had double standards.

the_thinker disdain

a feeling of contempt for someone or something regarded as unworthy or inferior

In no matter what you do. In no matter of what you say. In no matter the truth or the fallacy. In whatever it is about you. In the hate that you bring. In the love you can’t find. In acceptance you do not have.

I feel sadness for you. You are empty. Dead in all ways because all you are is hate. You bring darkness. In the end, you add nothing but waste.

You, you are the problem and for that, I feel disdain.