Errant Life

There is a darkness that can consume a Man. It’s always there, hiding in the back their consciousness. It wrestles for control. If they let it, it will destroy them. Can they power themselves out of it, to become the Man they are to be?

All of this in a blink of the eye, ever moving, ever changing, always dangling like a ornament. Refuse. Resist. Rise.

New Direction #1

I’ve decided to start a new direction for posting wisdom. Each and every one will be followed with a signature line.

#1. Be courteous towards others : You would think that this was self-explanatory, but it goes to show that one should realize that being courteous to others shows respect. Respect begets respect. Courteousness in the face of anger shows restraint. Power does not need to be feed, but rather grounded.

courteous > respect > restraint = real power